Week 3 CFB Gambling Card & Quick Hits

Here’s my card, and let’s be real, you don’t want a full analysis on each game. You want picks and maybe a sentence as to why. UCF -6.5. I don’t like that the line shrunk to 6.5 and I don’t trust Gus Malzahn, but Louisville stinks more. Terps -6.5/7. Line is shrinking as well butContinue reading “Week 3 CFB Gambling Card & Quick Hits”

Opting Out Isn’t Going Anywhere

Jalen Johnson opted out yesterday for Duke… less than 3 weeks before Selection Sunday. Duke likely won’t hear their name called and I’m 1000% positive that’s why Johnson is “focusing on the NBA Draft” instead. Listen, I get it, Johnson is good enough to go play in the NBA right now. Some will say he’sContinue reading “Opting Out Isn’t Going Anywhere”

I Hate Everything about Super Bowl LV

I LOVE football, but somehow, I hate the game tomorrow. The biggest game of the year and I absolutely hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch it, but I won’t like it. This is exactly what the NFL wanted when this COVID-ridden season started. Brady and Gronk relocated and got themselves a bunch ofContinue reading “I Hate Everything about Super Bowl LV”