Conor McGregor is BACK

“The Notorious” makes his long awaited return to the UFC Octagon tonight. It’s been just over a year since Conor knocked out Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in 40 seconds. Conor seemed to be back to stay, expressing his desire to fight 3 times in 2020. Unfortunately, there was a logjam at the top of the lightweightContinue reading “Conor McGregor is BACK”

Between the Yards: By the Fans, For the Fans

By now, I hope that you all have read some of my posts. But here we are, 5 days in, and we’re going through a name change. The people have spoken. Welcome to Between the Yards. Covering every sport from Camden Yards to the Navy Yard. For a long time, I’ve known that I haveContinue reading “Between the Yards: By the Fans, For the Fans”

Baltimore Beat: Early Offseason Edition

Welcome to my first edition of the Baltimore Beat. In this, I’ll be covering all things Ravens and Orioles. Might be a weekly post, might be as needed. Either way, It’s been a busy first three days in the Ravens’ offseason. I’d much rather be writing about how we’re going to dismantle the Chiefs thisContinue reading “Baltimore Beat: Early Offseason Edition”

Kyrie is the COAT: Craziest of All Time

Kyrie Irving is legitimately the craziest human that has ever played a professional sport. He spits out hot takes or wild conspiracy theories and makes headlines all the time because of it. At first, it was kind of funny and it’s now just become extremely annoying. Like “oh, haha Kyrie thinks the Earth is flat,Continue reading “Kyrie is the COAT: Craziest of All Time”


I love the Ravens. But oh my God we stunk tonight. I don’t remember the last time the Ravens didn’t score a touchdown in a game. The offense was abysmal. The unthinkable happened tonight. Every which way. Let’s recap: We came out and absolutely punched Buffalo in the mouth with 3 straight runs of 10ishContinue reading “RAVENS LOSE AND THE JIMMYS JINX IS IN FULL EFFECT”

TLaw and Urban are Going to be Brady/Bill-esque

Schefty drops a bomb this morning. The Jags and Urban Meyer are about to finalize a deal. With that and the #1 pick, they are going to be an absolute wagon.  I’ve lived on the take that Urban Meyer was a better college football coach than Nick Saban. I know, I know, 7 Nattys forContinue reading “TLaw and Urban are Going to be Brady/Bill-esque”