Yesterday was a joke. But the Bengals are VERY real

Another week, another Ravens L. Harbaugh’s bunch are meteoring down to Earth, and FAST. It ain’t pretty. Injuries and Covid are piling on this team. I won’t complain cause I don’t think moving this game to Monday or Tuesday would’ve changed anything. The game yesterday was a joke though. 35 year old Josh Johnson steps in and throws for 300 yards. Problem was, Burrow threw for 525. Just laughable. Anytime the opposing team punts ZERO times, that is bad. Somehow, the Steelers and WFT looked worse than the depleted Ravens though, if you’re looking for a silver lining.

The Bengals danced on our graves yesterday, just like they did in week 7. Everyone on Twitter is giving every excuse in the book. The excuses are valid, but this is big boy ball folks, no one cares. Shit, most of the internet didn’t even know we had Covid like that. The Ravens don’t make national news cause Harbaugh keeps his locker room in check. Lamar is truthfully the only reason we are ever on any sports network. Pat McAfee even anointed us dead. Gave Burrow and the Bengals ALL the praise. At the end of the day, the record books will reflect Burrow’s numbers, not how many injuries we had.

That said, we’re big brother to the Bengals. Of course they’re going to act like a season sweep is the Super Bowl. They haven’t won a playoff game since before the first text message was sent. Wink gave them bulletin board material with his comments this week and then sent a team out there that didn’t get a stop. I love him, but he might want to keep the one liners for after wins with the secondary he’s putting on the field. Zac Taylor is a Sean McVay disciple.. you think they might have a conversation this week?

But these Bengals are different, they are going to be very good for a very long time. Feels like little brother is growing up a bit. Their playmakers are all 25 or under. Burrow and Chase could have a tandem like Manning and Harrison. They’re THAT good. Not to mention that if Tee Higgins was drafted any other year, he would’ve been a first round pick, easy. Their defense is vastly improved with Trey Hendrickson. I thought he was going to be a huge bust not playing opposite of Cam Jordan and boy, was I wrong. Their OLine still sucks and they’re leading the division.

The Steelers are heading to the basement with the Big Ben era coming to a close and the Browns is the Browns. No QB, no worries. We might have ourselves a nice decade long rivalry with Jackson and Burrow. We need that though. Feels good to hate someone twice a year.

All in all, we are still somehow the 7 seed in the AFC heading into MNF. Which is actually crazy. The way these last two weeks shake out will be huge as there are still 7 teams alive for that last wild card spot. The Ravens HAVE to win out. And probably still get some help. I don’t know if this team has enough in the tank, but if 8 can make his way back on that field, the Ravens will always have a shot to win. They’ll have to be shootouts at this point and I’m very afraid of the Rams this week, but this is the NFL.

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