Fire Harbaugh?! You People Are Crazy

The Ravens losing three in a row sucks. Big time. I cannot deny that. I know we all hate Mondays after a loss, but why are people pouring gas on the fire? Fire Harbaugh? Get a life.

Mike Tomlin’s Steelers were in injury hell last year, same as the Ravens this year. EVERYONE was clamoring to make him Coach of the Year by keeping the Steelers afloat. How many injuries do we even have now? I’ve lost count. MVP QB, All Pro LT, 2 All Pro Corners, RB1 & RB2, both starting safeties, just to name a few. Shoot 3 weeks ago Harbaugh was also being anointed CoY, but NOW after 3 straight Ls by less than a FG, Baltimorons are calling for Harbaugh’s head.

This is just laughable. If you don’t like the aggressive decision making, I do not want to hear you cheering for the Ravens in any future 2 point or 4th down conversions. Don’t talk to me about the Seattle 4th & goal, don’t talk about the Chiefs game where we iced the game. It’s a mentality. Assert dominance. Step on their throats. Harbaugh plays to WIN THE GAME.

Take the points, best kicker ever, blah blah blah. First drive, GO FOR IT. That is TAKING the points. Punch the best team in the NFL in the mouth. Don’t love tap Aaron Rodgers with a field goal. They’re happy to GIVE us a field goal. The draw on 4th down was the right call. There was a giant hole to the left and Huntley just missed it and ran into the center. If Huntley walks into the endzone, no one cares today. bUt ThE pAcKerS wEnT 3&Out iT wOuLd bE 3-0. Yes, because Rodgers overthrew a wide open Davante Adams on a nasty sluggo that put Tavon Young in a blender. We HARDLY stopped them all day.

Which leads me to my final point. You need 2 yards to go up on the Packers with 40 seconds left. Rodgers is getting it back anyway. We may not see the ball period. Being up 1 adds a tremendous amount of pressure compared to being tied. And then if we do stop them, we go to OT for a 50/50 coin toss! And if the Packers get it, we have to stop them YET AGAIN. Anyone have the odds on 2PC success rates in the NFL? That’s right, it’s 50/50. If you want to complain about something, go on all day about the playcalling. I can live with that. A rollout to cut the smallest part of the field and run a one man route/read is just asinine. (Yes, Hollywood was open, but Huntley isn’t even coached to look at him.)

No player or coach has questioned Harbaugh after these 3 games. Not. a. single. one. Matt LaFleur even said he would’ve made the same decision! I remember a time when Harbaugh was “too conservative” and the high school quarterbacks, holding their 10 year old football on the couch, were calling for his head too. We just took the best team and QB in the NFL (don’t argue me, argue your grandmother) to the wire with guys you have never heard of and guys who have been on the couch all year. Robert Jackson and thicc Tony Jefferson in the secondary? Oh my. What a disaster this could have been. Instead, it was 31-30.

As a fan base, we are spoiled. 8-6, tied for the division lead and very much still alive. But the season is over, the coach needs to go, we don’t stand a chance. We control our own destiny and Harbaugh has every player, whether they are a first rounder or a practice squad guy we signed off the street, ready to run through a brick wall. Let the man do his job.

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