Now Ronnie Stanley is Down and I Can’t Take It

What is happening?! I know, “it’s football and injuries happen,” but this is getting ridiculous. Dobbins, Peters, Edwards, Jimmy Smith, Bateman, Derek Wolfe, LJ Fort, Tyre Phillips and now Ronnie Stanley is expected to be out for a significant period of time.

This is bad bad. Like the 49ers last year and in 2018. The Steelers had similar issues last year. They could mask it most of the year but got exposed down the stretch. This is shades of 2015. Lamar and Marlo are the last stars standing while the supporting cast crumbles.

Patrick Mekari is set to play RT and I honestly didn’t know he could. Putting him on an island feels like an awful idea cause he’s been less than impressive on the inside. I honestly think I’d rather have an injured Nick Boyle play tackle.

Lamar was already under fire all Monday night due to poor OLine play and Villanueva looking lost, who is now protecting the blind side. Jesus H Christ. I hope the Ravens are working on 3 step and hot routes this week cause LJ is going to have .3 seconds to throw with this rag tag unit. I’m starting to have flashbacks of the Chargers playoff game. Oh no.

I’m in bad shape. The Chiefs are on deck and they have permanent real estate in my head. I zone out and all I can see is Andy Reid’s mustache. Everyone that speaks to me sounds like Kermit. They beat the shit out of us on MNF at full strength last year. Now what?

Maybe Orlando Brown will give up 5 sacks like Taylor Lewan did last week and we’ll have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned slugfest…. Who am I kidding, it’s the Chiefs. Lamar will have to be Superman on Sunday Night. You’ll have to match Mahomes. Get the ball out quick or tuck and run cause you won’t have time. Pound the rock with our stable of misfit running backs and keep Mahomes on the sideline. Hopefully the defense is juiced up and forces a couple of turnovers cause the Bank will be ROCKIN.

Make it happen Lamar. Cause as we all know, winning fixes everything.

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