I Hate This Signing Until Further Notice

The Ravens signed LeVeon Balls, as I like to call him, to the practice squad. I hate this move and hate the player even more. Can’t stand him dating back to his Pittsburgh days. He then became the biggest crybaby and locker room cancer in the NFL since TO. And on top of that, since he robbed the Jets for the bag, he’s been nothing short of terrible.

I’ve spent a good portion of two days convincing myself that the Ravens will be okay though. Since it was announced that we were working him out, I knew he would be coming to Baltimore. Reports have always said that if the Steelers didn’t take him on draft day, Balls would’ve been a Raven. Then we tried signing him before the Jets did. In any case, the Ravens clearly see something where they think he can contribute on this team.

Is this a low risk, high reward move? Absolutely. Balls offers a skill set we currently don’t have in the backfield. He’s versatile, can catch the ball and will be a change of pace to the bruising styles of Gus and Ty’son. I still won’t like it until he does something productive though.

He’s a proven asshole. Plain and simple. HOWEVER, Harbaugh doesn’t put up with assholes and the Ravens’ culture has changed a guy or two over the years. Marcus Peters, Jimmy Smith coming out of college, Anquan Boldin talked an awful lot before he got here. Harbs won’t hesitate to cut his ass at the first sign of dissension, just like Chris McAllister and Bernard Pollard. We’ve also got the guys in the locker room to keep him in check. Calais Campbell will step on him if he mouths off too many times.

On top of that, he was as quiet as a mouse in KC because winning fixes everything. He didn’t run his mouth about KC until they didn’t resign him. We win and pay him, and he should be a happy man.

He’s on the practice squad like Dez was last year, most likely to get him in football shape since the Ravens’ conditioning test is no joke. I don’t like it, not one bit. But I’ll be the first to say that I trust the Ravens organization and I hope LeVeon Balls proves me wrong.

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