YES PLEASE GOD YES BE TRUE. I’m sure you guys have seen by now, but Lurch from the Sports Junkies on 106.7 the Fan in DC was talking about a rumor where Turgeon might be looking to get back to a Power 5 program in the Midwest.

All rumors, but please be true. Let’s go. It’s no secret that I don’t love Turgeon. But I have also accepted in my brain that Maryland might just be stuck with him for the next 2 years since his buyout is like $5 Million. But I read this story and I immediately looked like the McConaughey meme:

Get outta town. Can’t handle the hustle and bustle of DC? No wonder we can’t recruit in our own backyard. After those comments the other night of “this wasn’t a Final 4 team” and “we should be happy to be in the round of 32,” just go. Go back home Turge, you deserve it. Loyola Chicago “wasn’t a Final 4 team” 2 years ago either but look what happened. And no, we shouldn’t be happy to let up damn near 100 points to Bama.

When I heard “Power 5 Midwest Schools” I immediately thought of Indiana and Marquette since they have coaching vacancies. I know, Marquette isn’t Power 5, but he could go. Not too close to his hometown of Kansas, but slower than DC. My only worry would be that he would take Wisconsin recruit James Graham III with him to Marquette, but he also enrolled early so he’d have to sit out a year.

So who replaces Turge in the event that he leaves?

Juan Dixon? He’s been at Coppin for a couple of years now. He was an assistant under Turge, but he has also openly offered friendly advice on the radio that the Terps should play faster. With Juwan Howard’s success at Michigan… why not? Bring back the legend who will coach this team with Maryland pride. Risky? Yes. Potentially worth it.

Nate Oats? Highly doubtful, but a guy can dream. I talked about this on the podcast, but why would Oats leave now? He’s turned Bama into a powerhouse in just 2 years and he’s got that football money to live off of. I have heard rumors that he might be willing to leave, so someone call the Brinks truck and back it up to his front door cause that’s what it’ll take.

Small school guys like BYU’s Mark Pope or FIU’s Jeremy Ballard? Maybe. Hot candidates, but they might need a few more years of tangible experience to be considered at Maryland. They might also struggle in the recruiting game with the big guns.

Rick Pitino? LOL nah. Maryland already ducked the Diamond Stone recruiting thing, the last thing we need is more controversy.

Regardless… get out of town Turge. The writing is on the wall. Unless you bring us back to back Sweet 16 appearances in your last 2 years under contract, it won’t be IF the Terps are moving on, it’ll be WHEN.

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