#OverreactionMonday : College Basketball Edition

The Terps did it again. They fooled me. Had me absolutely bamboozled. 5 straight wins and everything was looking up for Turgeon’s crew and THEN they drop 2 games to 12th place Northwestern and 11th place Penn State. What a joke. The Terps are done. They might sneak into the tourney as like a 10 seed and I’m not even going to be happy about it.

What was even worse was how they blew both games. At Northwestern, the Terps started on a 9-0 run. We ended up losing that lead in the first half but we battled through most of the game with a team we had no business being close with. The Terps took the lead at the 4:51 mark, 51-50. Even though we only scored 4 points the rest of the game, we had the lead with 1:32 to go. Then we didn’t score again and lost by 5. Insane.

Last night, the Terps start the game on a 12-0 run. Then Penn State starts to close the gap and the boys start running and getting out on the fast break and still maintained a 10 point lead at half. With 11:26 to go in the game, the Terps had a 14 point lead, 50-36. The final score was 66-61. The Terps got OUTSCORED 30-11 in the last 11 minutes!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING?! Why can’t the Terps get a bucket when they need it? Why do they go on these long scoring droughts?

…. don’t blame Turgeon…..don’t blame Turgeon….. don’t blame Turgeon….

IT’S TURGEON!! A common theme of Mark Turgeon coached teams are these scoring droughts. Even last year with Cowan and Smith. Even with Bruno and Huerter. Even with the preseason #3 team in the nation with Melo Trimble, Jake Layman, Rasheed Sulaimon and Diamond Stone. At least back then, Melo would just bring the ball up and splash a three from NBA range cause Turg wouldn’t draw up any plays to get us an easy bucket.

Now we have to play Michigan State in the first game of the B1G tournament. Awesome. We just beat the crap out of the Spartans and Wiggins hit a 360 dunk to seal the win. Izzo definitely won’t forget that and March is named after Izzo according to Jon Rothstein. We’re going to get smacked in the mouth on Thursday at 11:30 AM. Serves me right for trashing them on the podcast yesterday and they come out and beat Michigan (who didn’t care about the game but not great).

I was finally starting to turn the corner. I was giving Turgeon credit for the job he’s done this year. Then the calendar turned to March and Turg turned into a pumpkin. I will not let the Terps get me excited for the rest of this season (this is a lie). They won’t win another game (but if they do, let’s go Terps).

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