Judon is on Back on Twitter Letting it Fly

During Matthew Judon’s time as a Raven, it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions. From D2 prospect, to sack machine, to a bonehead penalty most games, and then there was that Pat McAfee beef they had for a little bit. That was wild. Point being, he made some great plays as a Raven, but he pissed me off just as much. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve never been his biggest fan. Judon just got back on Twitter and it’s already been entertaining. But this time around, he’s the one throwing flags on people.

Jamison Hensley is a pretty well respected Ravens’ beat reporter for ESPN. I mean I take his word on most things Ravens. Total boy scout (we thought) but Judon just isn’t having the slander. Of course Hensley isn’t going to out his source, but Judon wants to know who is spreading the lies so he said on his IG story that he’s going to leak pictures of them at the strip club together. Which would be HILARIOUS. I picture Jamison as the nerd guy that all the players finally got out of the house and he just went absolutely wild at the strip club. PLEASE LEAK THOSE PICTURES JUDON.

I don’t blame Judon for being upset though. On the Pat McAfee Show over the summer, he interviewed the former Marlins president. He said that front offices will leak info to certain reporters to get narratives out that they want. I wouldn’t put it past EDC and company to have leaked that information to make Judon seem really expensive in free agency so that no one pursues him and we can bring him back for cheap. 100% hindering Judon’s free agency prospects. Teams might not even pick up the phone if they think Judon is more expensive than Za’Darius Smith.

I want Judon to get paid, I really do, just not by the Ravens. We’ve usually had success letting pass rushers go (minus Za’Darius). Judon is great when he has someone on the opposite side of him, but he’s been subpar as the #1 guy. I think we can get a vet guy on a bargain price, but regardless, today was hilarious and I really hope those pics get leaked from the club.

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