The Boys are Hot

The local boys are rollin. All at the same time too. The Wizards have won 4 straight for the first time in THREE YEARS, the Caps have won 3 of 4 and are finally back to full strength and the Terps have won 4 straight as they try to dance their way right into March.

I had lost all hope in the Wizards, long season and all, but they looked like garbage from the onset of the season. They seem to have gotten it together though and it all started against the Celtics last Sunday. Scott Brooks input Garrison Matthews and Moe Wagner into the starting lineup and things immediately began to shift. Washington held Jayson Tatum to 6 points. SIX POINTS. Insane after playing no defense all year. Rui has been locking dudes down too (Brooks gave him all the credit in Portland as he was guarding 1 through 5) and all of a sudden the Wizards are hot and in the mix. Call me crazy, but that guy who put $10k on the Wizards to win it all may be on to something. Only 4 games separate the 4 seed Pacers and the 13 seed Wizards in the standings. That’s a lot of trash to sift through in between, but the bad teams should start to sink to the bottom. If the Wiz can maintain what they’re doing WATCH OUT. I’ve said it before on BtY and I’ll say it again. Beal and Russ should be a top 5 duo in the league. Let everybody else play defense and this team can be dangerous come playoff time. In LA tonight with no AD or Schroder, I’d love to see them pull the upset and keep the momentum going.

The Caps have been weird so far this season. Covid thing aside, they had no regulation losses in January. Flip the calendar to February and they go 4 games picking up no points and now they’ve won 3 of the last 4. That said, they’re sitting at second in the East Division but it seems like things are starting to click. January felt a bit clunky even though they were in first place. Ovechkin and Oshie both played huge roles in the comeback win which was huge. We’ll see how they fare in the two games against the Penguins midweek. A sweep would be nice. I’m hoping that Samsanov returns to full strength soon, get him in net and go from there. The boys will be in it as always, just have to build on this momentum in a weird season where you only get to see 7 of 30 opponents pre-playoffs.

Last but not least, we’ve got the Terps. 14-10 with 3 games before the B1G Tournament. 5 Quad 1 wins. The last 4 wins have been huge as Maryland has climbed from the bottom of the B1G to a tie for 7th. Theoretically, the Terps should win their last 3 versus #11, 12 and 13 in the conference, but it’s college basketball. Either way, as long as they don’t completely collapse and they win a game or two in Indianapolis, I see the Terps dancing. Darryl Morsell has been the lifeblood of this team and he’s the embodiment of college basketball. 4 year senior, tough as nails and willing his team to wins. If he’s not in the conversation for B1G Defensive Player of the Year then we have a problem. I’ve also been a huge Turgeon critic over the years, but this has got to be one of his best coaching jobs since he’s been in College Park. The only “big” that the Terps have on the roster is Chol Marial and he looks and plays like a baby giraffe. Soft. No true point guard. Turgeon plays a bunch of 2-4 guys and they’re getting it done with tenacious defense and great 3 point shooting.

The boys are hot. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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