I’d Pull a Ditka Trade for Russ

If WFT wants to win, they HAVE to get a QB and they have been linked to every QB potentially on the market. Reports are they’ve picked up the phone for everyone so far.

The best one yet is Russell Wilson. He’s locked up for years and he would be the PERFECT vet presence on this team. Yeah, he had a “down” year, you would too if you were running for your life every play! WFT has the toys with Gibson and McLaurin. They can add another WR in free agency and the defense is obviously stacked.

I’d pull a Ditka trade for Russ. Screw it. Give Seattle all the picks. Don’t need em. Got all the pieces now. Russ makes WFT an instant contender. I hear “we already traded for a vet QB and look what happened!” Oh yeah?? You knew that JJ Watt and Kareem Jackson were going to damn near rip off Alex Smith’s leg? And then that Aaron Donald almost broke it again? If you called that one, then please let me know what the winning numbers will be for Mega Millions. It’s RUSSELL WILSON. Future HOFer with plenty of gas left in the tank RUSSELL WILSON.

Right now, WFT has a bunch of “fine” QBs. And that’s all they will be in Washington. Heinicke is fine, Smith is fine. Most of the guys on the trade market like Carr, Mariota, Darnold, also fine. You want someone GREAT?! You want someone AMAZING?! Go get Russ. The possibilities are UNLIIIIIMITED.

Photo/video via USA Today & Russell Wilson on twitter

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