Baltimore Beat: Orlando Brown Situation and #KeepJaMarrInPurple

The 2018 Ravens draft class might go down as the best in team history. I know, I know, in ’96 we took two first ballot Hall of Famers in the first round. However, top to bottom, the ’18 draft could turn out to be better. In order, we took Hayden Hurst (who we ended up flipping to get JK Dobbins), Lamar Jackson, Orlando Brown Jr, Mark Andrews, Anthony Averett, and Kenny Young (who we flipped to get Marcus Peters). Then, in round 6 we got DeShon Elliott and Bradley Bozeman. While, this has been great.. we’ve got to start paying these guys.

The Ravens have already come out and said that extensions for Lamar and Mark Andrews are in the works. While we can exercise the option on Lamar and keep them on their rookie deals for ’21 and ’22, this is a good faith move by the organization. Everything was going according to plan and thennnn Orlando Brown tweeted this:

We know big fella. We knew that when we stole you in the 3rd round. But there’s a guy over there named Ronnie Stanley who just got PAID himself. And now, since Zeus proved himself on the left side this year, he’s going to want to be paid like a left tackle. There’s no way the Ravens can pay both guys LT salaries and still build the rest of the team. The way I see it, the Ravens have two options, we milk the rookie deal this year until he gets to free agency OR trade him. I’ve tried to block this out of my head for the last couple of days, but thinking about it this morning, the trade is making more and more sense.

Here’s where the fun begins. The possibilities, ohhh the possibilities. This situation is Laremy Tunsil 2.0. The thing is, Zeus is better. Laremy was fine in Miami, but he didn’t reach a Pro Bowl until he got to the Texans. Zeus has already been selected to 2. He’s also been a huge piece of the number 1 rushing attack in the NFL. The Dolphins packaged Tunsil, Kenny Stills, a 4 and a 6 and they got back two first round picks and a second round pick…. that doesn’t sound too bad to me. We could get a draft HAUL for Orlando. A ton of teams need a left tackle and if EDC let folks know he was on the market, I think it would become a bidding war.

However, I would prefer the Ravens use Orlando Brown to keep Ja’Marr Chase in purple in 2021. The LSU stud is everything the Ravens need. The true #1 receiver that we’ve never been able to draft. Trade Orlando and this year’s first to the Dolphins for the #3 pick. Do it. Don’t think EDC, just do. Lamar to Ja’Marr for the forseeable future. People might say “why wouldn’t the Dolphins just draft Ja’Marr to give Tua help instead?” Because they can fill 3 needs instead of 1. Brown fills their need at tackle, then they can draft Terrance Marshall and Najee Harris at the end of the first round. Everybody wins. Can’t wait to host Miami for the AFC Championship.


I would hate to see Zeus go, but the Ravens have proven time and time again that they can draft competent OLine help. The problem is that we also let them walk in free agency. Ben Grubbs, Kelechi Osemele, Ryan Jensen, even Rick Wagner. Let’s trade Zeus to Miami so he can get paid, draft Ja’Marr and go draft another hogmollie in the middle rounds.

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Photos via NBCSports, Crescent City Sports

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