Between the Yards: By the Fans, For the Fans

By now, I hope that you all have read some of my posts. But here we are, 5 days in, and we’re going through a name change. The people have spoken. Welcome to Between the Yards. Covering every sport from Camden Yards to the Navy Yard.

For a long time, I’ve known that I have strong opinions and I have a plethora of knowledge in the sports realm. Now, I have a platform to share all of that with you guys.

I love to consume sports, but I certainly get tired of national storylines. Neither Baltimore nor DC are as big as the likes of New York or LA or Chicago, but we’ve got a passionate fan base that wants to hear about their teams. I’m here to give it to you content from a fans perspective, share my thoughts and hopefully, drive some fun conversation.

First things first, I’m a Baltimore Sports fan and I love the Terps too. I’m hoping to add a more DC-centric writer soon. That said, this blog will be an open forum and I’ll post opinions about some out of market thoughts, gambling thoughts, or just thoughts in general. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m copying Barstool. Might draw some similarities, that’s fine, but they have very minimal Baltimore-DC coverage. I’m here to give that to you.

Here’s where you come in. Please keep up with the blog! Read it. Subscribe to the page. Follow the social media accounts (still to come). Engage with the posts. Agree, disagree. Help me promote it. The more this grows, the more content we can bring to you guys!

Fans drive sports and readers drive blogs. Can’t wait to get this train rolling.

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