Kyrie is the COAT: Craziest of All Time

Kyrie Irving is legitimately the craziest human that has ever played a professional sport. He spits out hot takes or wild conspiracy theories and makes headlines all the time because of it. At first, it was kind of funny and it’s now just become extremely annoying. Like “oh, haha Kyrie thinks the Earth is flat, what an idiot.” Since then, things have just snowballed and I can’t listen to a word he says seriously. About basketball, about life, the whole thing.

He often times calls himself an intellectual. I would argue the opposite. Kyrie Irving is so smart, he’s dumb. He loves to question things, as you should in life, or else everyone would be the same, but he takes it way too far. The constant feuding with LeBron over nothing. The time he said he was helping Brad Stevens coach. My favorite quote by him is “steak doesn’t come from anything natural.” Never heard of cows. An animal. That is natural.

Before the NBA started, he was on IG live with Kevin Durant and said that in his mind, he is as tall as Kevin Durant, so the Nets should let him post up 8-10 times a game. KEY WORDS: IN HIS MIND. This isn’t fantasy land Kyrie. This is real life.

On top of all of that, he’s been sitting out from the Nets for the last week or two due to personal reasons. The personal reasons are in part due to the storming of the Capitol building I think? But we don’t know for sure because he’s on a media blackout. What we do know, is that he was on a Zoom call as “Kai Irving,” during a Nets basketball game.

I’d like to be very clear, the storming of the Capitol was 1000% not okay. But part of Kyrie’s narrative over the last year is that he would give everything up for social justice and reform. Which is an awesome thought. But why don’t you use the unlimited resources that the NBA has provided for you like money and a platform to DO SOMETHING. He just lost $800,000 for sitting out and going ghost on the Nets cause some things are bigger than basketball. You could use that money alone to start a fund to help inner city kids in Brooklyn have better lives. EDIT: Kyrie bought George Floyd’s family a home. Great start. Would love to see the next steps.

EDIT AGAIN: Kyrie has pledged a ton of money to various causes over the last year, including food banks, a Native American tribe, COVID causes and helping pay the WNBA. This is all great stuff, but I still don’t think sitting out games and blacking out the media is the answer. Use the platform, don’t hide from it.

But back to sports, all of this just makes him a bad teammate in a sport where chemistry is so important. There are only 5 guys on the court, which makes your role even more vital. He couldn’t get along with LeBron, the ultimate teammate and leader. He didn’t like Brad Stevens who is widely regarded as a top 5 coach in the league, if not higher. He just doesn’t show up for the Nets when they thought they could give him a longer leash and hopefully that would produce results. Instead, he’s like SpongeBob when he goes to work at the Chum Bucket and loses all motivation.

Good luck Brooklyn. On paper, you’re the most talented starting 5 in the league. In real life, you’re the All Basket-Case team led by the COAT, Kyrie Irving.

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