Tyreek Hill is Not Good

Tyreek Hill is a not good wide receiver. He is very fast and he’s a great play toy for Andy Reid. Heck of an athlete. I’ve said it before, but every time I watch the Chiefs it’s just in my face the entire time. The announcers love to talk about him, about how he’s such a weapon and then they always drop a “one of the best wide receivers in the NFL” in there. It’s just not true.

Hill is a guy who’s a dime a dozen. 90% of his routes are go’s or crossing routes. He just runs straight. If he didn’t have Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, he would just be another guy. Mahomes is one of the best deep ball throwers in the history of the NFL and Andy Reid is going to find a way to get him the ball in open space. He just ran a 4 yard hitch route cause the corner covering him gave him a 12 yard cushion and couldn’t shake the guy and ran out of bounds.

He’s not Davante Adams, DHop or Julio. He’s actually closer to Bill Fuller, MVS, or Hollywood Brown. Mecole Hardman is on his own team and they’re the same exact guy! Hardman is Reid’s insurance policy. They run similar motions, same routes.. that’s why Hardman has all this hype every year during fantasy draft season… cause he’s the same as Hill. But then he busts. There’s only room for 1 gadget speedster to succeed in KC’s offense.

As I’m writing this, Romo just keeps pointing out that Hill runs straight, diagonal or across. Then sits where there’s no guys in zone coverage.

Put Tyreek Hill on the Jets or the Broncos and I just don’t think we hear the same things we hear about him now. He’d be more of your boom/bust receiver reliant on deep balls. Davante Adams or DHop could lead the league in TDs on any team.

I do acknowledge that his skill set is valuable in the game of football. He can dust guys in man to man, absolutely. Great return man. Awesome in open space. However, this can be said for a ton of guys in the league. He’s a track star who has been coached up for zone coverage. Congrats. There will be 5 guys that come out in the draft with the same skill set as him and they’ll be way cheaper.

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