TLaw and Urban are Going to be Brady/Bill-esque

Why Urban Meyer Will and Won't Work for The Jacksonville Jaguars -

Schefty drops a bomb this morning. The Jags and Urban Meyer are about to finalize a deal. With that and the #1 pick, they are going to be an absolute wagon. 

I’ve lived on the take that Urban Meyer was a better college football coach than Nick Saban. I know, I know, 7 Nattys for King Saban. But Urban is like the guy who used to play NCAA Football 14, build a dynasty, get bored and start over with another team. Take a break, play a different game, ya know, come back to it. Kind of like Duggs, but stayed for multiple years. 

Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, Ohio State. Doesn’t matter. He won everywhere he went. He’s got 3 Nattys and if not for hiatuses, NCAA sanctions on that one Ohio State team and SEC bias, he’d probably have close to 7 too. AND he’s younger than Saban! Saban is old as dirt. He’ll hang it up soon. 

Anyway, he’ll be a better NFL coach than Saban too. And the Jags have the perfect set up for him. Trevor Lawrence, ton of cap space, a weirdly good core even though they suck real bad. I bet they even have a teal windbreaker already hung up in his office for him. Shad Khan finally got his guys. They are going to run the AFC South for a long long time and win some championships along the way. 

The Jags have always been this weird franchise of a bunch of misfits, no name coaches and some cool moments, much like the Pats before Brady and Bill started winning all the damn time. Mark Brunell was fun to watch. Jimmy Smith (the WR not the Ravens’ corner) is a borderline hall of famer, which is as good as it gets for the Jags. David Garrard beat the Steelers in the playoffs once. And then Bortles and the defense beat the Steelers in the playoffs. And there was that time that Byron Leftwich broke his leg and his teammates carried him on that drive…. wait nope, that was at Marshall. You get my point. 

Enter Trevor Lawrence and those golden flowing locks. The dude the Jags have never had. The absolute best college football QB I have ever watched. He’s gotta be the best NFL prospect since Peyton Manning? He’s definitely better than Andrew Luck. And there was even a chance that Peyton would go #2. Maybe the best even since Elway. I don’t even have criticism for the guy. You lost to Joe Burrow that had a team with a million NFL draft picks? Okay. Lost to Ohio State this year, but Clemson was nowhere near as good as previous teams. Actually, there was the whole proposal on the 50 at 20 years old with your whole life and career ahead of you. I wasn’t a huge fan, but hey the kid’s in love i guess. Whatever. 

I would argue that the Jags biggest problem they had this year was they played the QB carousel, which was probably on purpose so that they could get TLaw. It’s basically the same team as last year, minus Fournette plus Robinson (who was better than Fournette this year). If they let Gardner sling they rock all season, they win like 5-7 games for sure. But Trevor is a billion times better than Gardner/Glennon and that Luke Luton guy combined. And it’s the most important position in football. Give the man an offensive line, tell the defense to stop throwing games and we got ourselves a winner down there in Jacksonville. 

I can see it now. TLaw and Urban bring home the Lombardi and then there’s an iconic picture of Shad Khan and his boys hoisting that thing on the front of his yacht. The first of many. Stay tuned. 

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