I love the Ravens. But oh my God we stunk tonight. I don’t remember the last time the Ravens didn’t score a touchdown in a game. The offense was abysmal. The unthinkable happened tonight. Every which way. Let’s recap:

We came out and absolutely punched Buffalo in the mouth with 3 straight runs of 10ish yards. Great drive for 7-8 minutes to open the game and…… DOINK. Tucker does the unthinkable. Miss.

The Bills can’t run, the Ravens can’t throw. First half, the whole game actually, was all defense. Lots of missed FGs, lots of wind. As soon as Tuck doinked the second FG, it felt like the 3 point lead the Bills had was 3 TDs. I knew something was up. Then the second half gut punch came. Josh Allen and the Bills had the same type of drive the Ravens had to open the game but FINISHED.

Then the Ravens could respond. We needed it. As far as I was concerned, the game was over if we didn’t score and we were only down 7. The sky was falling. All of a sudden we’re in the redzone. Then BANG. Lamar’s first EVER redzone pick. Then homie takes it to the house. Speechless. No words. We get the ball back after that and Lamar gets a c-word on a play that was most certainly roughing the passer and never returns. The fat lady had a buffalo wing in her mouth and boy, she was singing. That was it. Donezo. Season over.

What an absolute kick in the balls. I wrote a blog earlier this week saying how it wasn’t the Bills’ time yet and man, was I wrong. They outplayed us in every sense of the word. The Titans game must have been our Super Bowl cause we didn’t want it tonight. The Bills made Lamar beat us through the air cause they SOLD OUT every play to either beat our run game or pressure the hell out of Lamar. And we just did not execute.

All of that said, THE JIMMYS SEAFOOD JINX IS IN FULL EFFECT. Let me be very clear. I love Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. I know the owners, and I frequent their restaurant (now food trucks cause the Mayor of Baltimore stinks). BUT QUIT TALKING SHIT TO DAVE. Every time in recent memory, we lose. Playoffs last year, Pats this year, Bills this year. Jimmy’s has been betting celebrities since the Barstool Fund has been a thing and we’ve been winning…. but as soon as we mention Dave, it all goes up in flames.

Think about it.. Tuck misses 2 FGs…. Ravens don’t score a TD for the first time since ‘Nam… first snap issues since midseason….. and Lamar’s first redzone INT of his career turns into a pick 6. All of this was unthinkable. There was a greater power at work tonight. And I’m blaming the Jimmy’s-Dave rivalry.
I don’t know. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I’m not. But coming off a huge win last week, it’s the only thing that makes sense right now.

P.S. Go Bills… still got that 24-1 Super Bowl ticket in my back pocket

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