I’m at a Crossroads

48 hours has gone by. Celebration time is over. Typically, it’s 24 but I reserved an extra 24 those douchebag Titans (especially Malcolm Butler). We’re on to Buffalo and I find myself at a crossroads.

All season, I’ve been rooting for and betting on the Bills. Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and co. have made me so much money. I even have a 24-1 ticket on them to win it all from the preseason. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve texted/tweeted the Chris Berman Wagons jersey pic more than any Ravens meme this year:

How could you not root for these guys? Josh Allen is so damn likeable, Diggs (HE A TERP) told the Vikings to hold his nuts, he’s better off and Sean McDermott is a real lunchpail, come to work and do your job kind of guy. Add that on to the fact that their fan base is one of the coolest in the league and they just won their first playoff game since I was 1 year old and it’s a true underdog story.

BUUUUUTTT they drew the Ravens in the AFC Divisional round. All year, I guess the possibility of this was in the back of my head. If the Ravens were going to get to the Super Bowl, they’d have to go through Buffalo at some point, but my brain was so focused on a Titans/Steelers/Chiefs revenge tour that I didn’t even process it until the Browns/Steelers game Sunday Night.

I could sit here and say that no matter what, it’s a win-win, but it’s not. The Ravens have to win this game. You can’t help who stands in the way of your team and the Lombardi. Buffalo, it’s nothing personal, but it’s time for your season to end. You’re the feel good story of the NFL. But real life isn’t a fairy tale. Just ask me last year. Ravens were 14-2, Lamar was the MVP, Harbs was Coach of the Year. Super Bowl bound right?! Wrong. The Titans came in and fucked it all up and all of a sudden they were America’s darling until they got curb stomped by the Chiefs.

So it’s your turn to feel the pain. You’ve had plenty of let downs over the last 20 years, but were they really? Everyone knew the Pats and Brady ran shit over there in the East. 2017 was a nice surprise, but even then, no one expected you to win in the playoffs. Last year, you were a few pieces away, similar to the Ravens in Lamar’s rookie year.

Now you’ve got Diggs and Beasley and the offense is a finely tuned machine. But here’s where you go home. The Ravens are battle tested this year. Letting the let downs fuel us. We’re hungry. Lamar’s hungry. Good luck stopping the ground game. We’ll break your will and you’ll be better for it next year. I won’t like it, but we’re doing it for your own good.

It’s not Buffalo’s time yet. It’s Baltimore’s. See you Sunday Buffalo. Let’s go to war.

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